Emi Joins VTFoundation as Transformational Coach for Leaders and Board Member

VTFoundation proudly announces the addition of Emi Olausson Fourounjieva as a Transformational Coach for Leaders and a new member of our Board of Directors. Bringing a wealth of experience in digital transformation and a passion for integrating technology and human behavior, Emi will play a pivotal role in enhancing our initiatives for young cybersecurity professionals. Discover how her innovative approach to leadership and board involvement will shape the future of cybersecurity education and professional development at VTFoundation.

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1/8/20241 min read

Transformational Coach for Leaders and Board Member

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Emi Olausson Fourounjieva Joins VTFoundation as Transformational Coach for Leaders and Board Member

VTFoundation is proud to announce that Emi Olausson Fourounjieva, in addition to her role as a Transformational Coach for Leaders, has been invited to join our Board of Directors. Emi's inclusion as a board member underscores her invaluable contributions and aligns with our mission to empower young professionals in cybersecurity through comprehensive development.

Emi's Role on the Board of Directors

Emi's appointment to the Board of Directors at VTFoundation is a testament to her vast expertise and visionary approach. Her role on the board will involve strategic decision-making and providing insights that will shape the direction of VTFoundation. Emi's experience in digital transformation, coupled with her deep understanding of the intersection between technology, business, and human behavior, will be instrumental in guiding VTFoundation's initiatives and programs.

Emi's Impact on VTFoundation's Mission

As a board member, Emi will play a critical role in enhancing VTFoundation's commitment to serving the community. Her focus on integrating soft skills training and confidence-building into the cybersecurity curriculum for college graduates and young professionals aligns perfectly with our goal of holistic development. Emi's leadership and insights will be vital in steering VTFoundation towards new heights, ensuring that our programs remain relevant, impactful, and aligned with the evolving needs of the cybersecurity industry.

Emi's Vision for Programs and Community Engagement

In her dual role as a Transformational Coach for Leaders and a board member, Emi will spearhead initiatives aimed at fostering the growth of VTFoundation's community and interns. Her programs will emphasize the importance of soft skills, resilience, and adaptability, preparing participants for successful careers in cybersecurity. Emi's unique perspective and expertise will also influence VTFoundation's strategic decisions, enhancing our ability to empower and support the next generation of cybersecurity professionals.

Emi Olausson Fourounjieva's involvement at both the operational and strategic levels marks a significant milestone for VTFoundation. We are excited about the new perspectives and directions she will bring to our board and our community.