VTF Impact Award 2023

The Virtually Testing Foundation (VTF) is proud to announce the inception of the annual "VTF Impact Award", a prestigious recognition celebrating individuals who have demonstrated outstanding commitment and selfless service to the cybersecurity community.

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12/5/20231 min read



Criteria for Excellence:

  • Community Empowerment: The awardee is someone who has significantly empowered the cybersecurity community through education, resources, or support.

  • Selfless Investment: Recognizing an individual who has devoted considerable time and effort without seeking personal gain, purely for the betterment of digital safety.

  • Innovation and Impact: The award acknowledges those who bring innovative solutions and measurable impact to cybersecurity challenges.

This Year's Awardee:

We are thrilled to announce David Hunt as the recipient of this year's VTF Impact Award. David has been an invaluable asset to the VTF community, playing a pivotal role in advancing our collective knowledge and capabilities in cybersecurity. His commitment to the community is exemplified through his regular hosting of insightful sessions, where he shares his expertise and encourages open discussions among members. David's greatest contribution, perhaps, lies in his advocacy for a mindset of continuous security validation, teaching our community the importance of consistently testing and validating our security measures in an ever-evolving digital landscape. Beyond his educational efforts, David has also provided mentorship to many, guiding aspiring cybersecurity professionals with his experience and wisdom. His selfless dedication to nurturing talent and fostering a proactive approach to cybersecurity has profoundly impacted the community, setting a high standard for others to follow.

This award is dedicated to those remarkable individuals who have gone above and beyond to support, strengthen, and secure our digital world. It's not just a trophy but a symbol of excellence, a beacon for aspiring cybersecurity enthusiasts, and a thank you from the countless lives these heroes have touched.