VTF's Free Services and Expert Coaching

At VTF, we offer a comprehensive suite of FREE services, including careerp paths, career coaching, personal branding workshops, bootcamps, webinars, and community support, to empower individuals to succeed in the constantly evolving cybersecurity industry.

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Keynote speaker, panelists, moderators

Expert Speaker Services

Unlock Your Potential with Expert Insights: VTF Brings You the Best in Cybersecurity, With Keynote Speakers, Mentor Sessions, and Working Professionals Sharing Their Knowledge and Experience. Unleash the power of knowledge with our expert Industry Speakers, available for your events at no cost.

grayscale photo of condenser microphone beside pop filter
grayscale photo of condenser microphone beside pop filter

Event Management Services

  • Speaker Logistics: Coordination and management of event speaker travel and accommodation arrangements.

  • Zoom Webinar: Setting up, managing and executing a successful webinar through the use of Zoom platform.

  • Event Marketing Artwork: Design and creation of promotional materials, posters and graphics to market the event.

  • Social Media Campaign: Development and implementation of a comprehensive social media strategy to promote the event and reach a wider audience.

Want to achieve your mission, but struggle with accepting donations?

Let VTF help with our fiscal sponsorship program.

As a non-profit organization, VTF provides fiscal sponsorship services to other communities to help them accept donations and other contributions, without having to go through the complicated and time-consuming process of obtaining their own non-profit status. By working with VTF as a fiscal sponsor, these communities can focus on their cause and leave the overhead of running a non-profit organization to us. VTF provides a range of support services, including handling all the legal, financial and administrative aspects of accepting and managing donations, allowing these communities to concentrate on their mission.

Empowering Communities to Thrive

Elevating Communities to Grow and Thrive.
By partnering with VTF through our Fiscal Sponsorship Program, these organizations are able to focus on their mission and leave the burden of non-profit management to us. With our support, they can accept tax-deductible donations, further their cause, and help their members. Join us in making a difference for these communities today.

VTF is proud to fiscal sponsor:

Ready to accept donations to help your community?

Join the movement and take your community to the next level! Are you ready to leverage the power of VTF's fiscal sponsorship program? Make your mission a reality and allow us to support you in reaching your goals. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help!

  1. Initial consultation to understand your community needs and donation frequency

  2. Agreement and contract finalization

  3. Start accepting tax-deductible donations with ease

  4. Hassle-free management of financials and administrative overhead

  5. Tax write-off receipts for your donors

  6. Dedicated support and guidance throughout the process

  7. Seamless integration with VTF's network and resources

  8. Focus on your cause and let VTF handle the rest!